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Welcome to Arrowhead Middle School


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Kindness Certified School


Cast List For Alice @ Wonderland

Cast List

This was probably the most talented group of students I have ever had at audition.  You should all be very proud of yourself.  That being said the decisions were very hard.

There are 20 of you who are disappointed while looking at this list, which is more than I have ever had to turn away.  57 people filled out applications to either act or work backstage.  Please try again next year.

Congratulations to the 27 of you who will have speaking roles, and the 10 students on the tech crew.  I will see you all after school on Monday for our first rehearsal 3-5

Airana Stoner
Alice Her
Alicia Hernandez
Angel Owens
Door #3
Carwin Cooper
Understudy to Humpty Dumpty
Celeste Bishop
Chesire Cat
Collin Hormann
Understudy to Mad Hatter
D”Andre Dupree
Queen's Guard #2
Dan'Sariana Ellis
Destiny Walters
Understudy to Queen of Hearts
Jaclyn Lawernce
Cheshire Cat
Jaelyn Stevens
Jaila Law
Mad Hatter
Joseph McCray
King of Hearts
Joshua Broderick
Humpty Dumpty
Kaden Jeffery
Queen's Guard # 1
KhaTera Jones
Kyra Duwe
Queen of Hearts
Kyra Singleton
March Hare
Madyson Cecil
Tiny Door
Malaysia W
Understudy to March Hare
Miya Cook
Samyia Lewis
Sophia Walsh
Door #2
Understudy to White Rabbit
Trinity Hill
Door #1
Understudy to Alice
Trinity Lawrence
Yessenia Munoz
White Rabbit


Angelae Brunson
Costume Designer
Aubrie Shirk
Lighting Tech
Dahilanna Hernandez
Stage Manager
Dapne Jaquez
Hair and Makeup
Destini Cheatum
Sound Tech
Helen Flores
Props Supervisor
Jacob Rienhard
Assistant Stage Manager
Mariana Morales
Assistant Stage Manager
Mikayla Mielkus
Set Design and Painting
Patience Hawkins
Props Assistant

       Meet Our Principal                                               


                                                          Mrs. Boyd.jpg


I have been a public school educator for more than twenty years. My experience includes . . .


  • teaching high school English
  • teaching middle school Social Studies
  • teaching middle school Language Arts
  • supervising in-school suspension rooms
  • leading initiatives as a literacy leader
  • leading initiatives as a school improvement facilitator
  • leading in buildings as an assistant principal
  • leading buildings as a principal
  • serving on district councils and committees
  • serving on a state advisory committee


I tell my staff of 45 committed professionals that I have not yet seen the school of my imagination, but every year we get closer and closer to becoming that exceptional place where kids love to be. 

A place where their needs - however dire - are met. 

A place where their teachers extend themselves daily in extraordinary ways to ensure students' security and success. 

A place where kids and adults enjoy each other, have fun together, fight obstacles side by side, and stand together against discouragement and defeat.